Here are some case studies that illustrate the full scope of our in-house capabilities. If you like what you see, contact us to talk about how J&D McLennan can help your project.


Juken new zealand automated handling line

Problem: This project was a design and build automatic timber finger joint production line. This system takes two timber boards and joins them together to form a single structural member.

Solution: J&D McLennan designed, developed, manufactured and installed a solution able to process in excess of 17 cubic meters of timber per hour. This involves a range of different mechanisms and machines including scissor lifters, roll cases, transfer decks and pop up transfer tables.

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aviation ground support equipment

Since 1974, J&D McLennan has been involved in the manufacture and supply of aviation ground equipment throughout the South Pacific region. Our primary product line is passenger boarding bridges. We have supplied over 300 of these to airports throughout New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

Over time we have grown our range to include a wide selection of manufactured ancillary products including hose reelers, in-ground pit systems, blast fences and baggage hoists. We are proud to have the capabilities and in-house skills that enable us to design and manufacture these in our own workshops.

To support our clients and products we have dedicated maintenance staff available to service and maintain a wide range of mechanical and electrical systems and equipment. Building on our manufacturing base we have expanded our capabilities and now offer SCADA integration as well.

f-16 & f-35 ECS CONNECTOR

Problem: One of our clients had a need for a connector to supply high pressure pre-conditioned air to some military aircraft as a part of a larger project. They came to J&D McLennan to design and supply a fitting to their exacting requirements.

Solution: We modelled, prototyped and now supply these as a standard component to the military aviation sector.

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